How it all started..

Tijdelijk bij hoe het begon engels

The idea of the camping rafts came from the nineties. Entrepreneur Jos Akkermans was researching the possibility of crossing the rivers in the delta of West-Brabant by raft. Soon, he found out the rafts were too heavy to shift over a river that has no stream. Therefore, he decided to situate the rafts at a nice spot down the river and add a Canadian canoe as a vehicle for guests to reach the raft.

The first rafts were made out of pine trees, barrels and raw woods. Later on, due to comfort and sustainability, different materials were used. Nowadays, the floating part is made of recycled plastic, the hut is made out of wood (that has a longer lifespan due to heating) and a synthetic landing stage. Therefore the rafts are still as ecologic as possible and fit in their beautiful natural surroundings.


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